Georgia Connector Magazine — Spring 2012
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Letter from the Publisher
Kenny Smiley

I hope everyone made it through the holidays unscathed and that your new year has started off with a bang. I am hoping this one will be prosperous for us all.

With spring comes new beginnings, new moments, new loves. And we'll share some of those with you, beginning with our Love Story Contest winners. I hope that love will be in the air for all of you this season too.

I know it is for me. I love a lot of things and a lot of people—all in different ways.

My personal love story ignited in December as my (then) girlfriend and I took a trip to St.Simons Island for a quick weekend get-away. Little did she know what I had up my sleeve. I fidgeted all day with the ring that was hidden away in my pocket as we shopped from one store to the next, traveled to the beach to see the new driftwood Christmas Tree, and finally into town for a late afternoon lunch. It was only then that I finally summoned the courage to coax her into climbing to the top of the lighthouse that had been towering overhead. Reaching the top, I wondered if "my heart was beating so fast because of the 129 steps I had just climbed or was I nervous about the question I was about to pop?" Come to find out, it was due to the question, but I pulled off a wonderful, memorable surprise at sunset, and my (now) fiance' and I are planning a summer wedding.

I, as well as most of you, have unconventional love affairs, too. Not the kind that may immediately pop into your mind, be circled on the calendar or marked by fireworks or chocolate.

I love people. I always have, and this adoration will continue until my dying day. I love meeting and getting to know new folks through networking opportunities and work-related relationships. I love being able to share my love and passion for this great state of Georgia with others and be able to do it in a unique way.

I love my role as publisher.

I love assembling each edition of Georgia Connector, ensuring readers the most up-to-date and most inspiring stories available.

It was fun collaborating on this issue, and there's lots to love in this one. From sharing readers' fairy tale love stories to planning new travel adventures, from learning about technical education to sampling Chef Hugh Acheson's delicious Southern creations, these are some of the features you'll find in our spring issue. We will go antiquing through our region, and we will spotlight one of our region's booming counties-Barrow. Be sure to let us know what you think of our stories, and we encourage you to do business with our great advertisers that we appreciate and love.

While you are loving this issue, loving others and loving life, don't forget to love yourself. The more you do, the more you will shine to those others that you love. Not only live life to its fullest, but love life to the fullest, too.

So, now sit back, flip through these pages, and let us connect YOU with things to do, places to go, and people to see here in YOUR region of Georgia.