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STAR Teacher: Eric Adams Post Secondary Plans: University of Chicago, Classics Best advice parents ever gave: Question everything and everyone. Never be duped. “Three by Thirty”: Earn a doctorate degree, achieve my greatest contribution to the world (whatever it is), and buy my father a car. Favorite movie : Dr. Strangelove . It is a telling view of America during the Cold War and a very humorous film otherwise. Biggest life lesson in high school: Hard work can overcome most anyone else’s natural prowess. Love/hate relationship with the human race: What I love most about humanity is the technological and literary contributions that the few brilliant persons have created for the world to enjoy. What I hate most about humanity is that most people do not become as brilliant as their abilities allow. Newton County – Eastside High School Parent: Richard Ford Patrick Henry Ford STAR Teacher: Jo Taylor Post Secondary Plans: International Studies and Music Best advice parents ever gave: My parents set the most fantastic example for my brother, sister, and I, and show us the meaning of selflessness. Doing what really matters: I hope to continue on to either medical school or public health school to work in inner-city or underdeveloped areas. Super intelligence or super strength? I would have super intelligence because strength fades while intelligence intensifies. Biggest life-lesson in high school: In the past four years, I have learned that nothing an individual can accomplish is near as important as the things a group can achieve. Family history teaches: Hard work beats talent. Walton County – George Walton Academy Parents: Mark and Suzanne Stevens Samantha Stevens STAR Teacher: Andy Simmonds Post Graduation Plans: UNC, Chapel Hill The best advice your parents ever gave: My parents have always pushed me to pursue passion before presumed obligations, for through this pursuit, happiness becomes inevitable. The importance of being a good person: Maintaining moral values such as honesty, empathy and courage, in fact, brings fundamental happiness, and a reputation of good character proves incredibly valuable in life. Being a good person is one of the few things completely under an individual’s control. Favorite movie : Inception. I love movies that leave me pondering long after the credits have scrolled, and this film continues to elude any sort of definitive analysis. Biggest life lesson in high school: It has taught me just how extremely essential honesty is in life. Without it, there can be no progress, as all interpersonal association depends upon a community of respect and trust. Oconee County – Athens Academy Parents: Dr. Robert Waugh Jr. and Mrs. Susan Waugh James Waugh STAR Teacher: Pam Hooten Post Secondary Plans: Georgia Tech or Carnegie Mellon, Electrical Engineering Will your efforts really matter? I am going to do something that really matters. I don’t really know what I am going to do, or how many people it is going to matter to, but it will really matter to me. Favorite movie: Inception . The detail and thought that went into that movie is mind-boggling, and it has some of the coolest effects I have ever seen. Biggest life-lesson in high school: One of the biggest is the difference between knowledge and understanding. Change that needs to take place in America: I think that America, as a whole, needs to relax. I think everyone would get a lot more enjoyment out of their lives if they didn’t fill every spare minute with something to do. Morgan County – Morgan County High School Parents: Pat and Melinda Hartney Jordan Hartney STAR Teacher: Chris Savage Post Secondary Plans: Clemson University, History/Political Science Biggest life lesson in high school: High school made me re-learn a lesson that my mom and grandma taught me when I was little; sometimes, you just have to jump through the hoops that are set in front of you. Often, situations in life don’t make sense, but, if you do what is required of you to the best of your abilities, problems tend to fade away. Marry a cartoon character? Marge Simpson. D’oh! Biggest change America needs: Save more, spend less Family history lessons: My family’s history has taught me the value of an education. My maternal grandparents, despite growing up dirt-poor in the Great Depression, both graduated from high school and attended some secondary school, brokering their knowledge into respectable professional careers. Jasper County – Jasper County High School Parents: Stone and Jean Workman Phillips Workman Editor’s Note: All Region 5 system winners were invited to participate in a photo shoot and profile submission. Some chose to be photographed, some profiled and some chose both. Those not pictured or profiled include Casey White of Barrow County, Garrison Fox of Greene County and Charley Meyen of Oglethorpe County. Summer 2011 www.Georgia 27

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