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Rural Heritage Southern style landscape being refined ith a sense of rural heritage complementing its opportunities for growth, Madison County is primed for the good life indicative of its small town, slow paced world. All six small neighborhoods – Carlton, Comer, Colbert, Hull, Danielsville and Ila – are representative of old-fashioned charm. Albeit slow-paced, Madison County holds a central location in that the big city attractions are as close as Athens, home of the University of Georgia, and as far away as Atlanta, some 80 miles in the distance. Madison County, named for President James Madison, was chiseled from adjacent counties in 1811 and designated the thirty-eighth county in the state. Danielsville was soon named the county seat and government began churning. The historic courthouse which today houses the Chamber of Commerce, was built from bricks burned from the banks of the South Fork Broad River. It was built for $18,314 and is one of the most ornate in Georgia. Two citizens left a lasting mark on the town – its namesake, General Allen Daniel, and resident Crawford W. Long whose home is now a historic landmark. With cotton king in the South, small towns thrived and experienced growth. Comer, once known as “Honey Pond”, is Madison’s most populous town and possesses a rich historical district. The Travel Museum, once a livery stable and then Comer Motor Company, is revitalizing the area with its renovation by GDOT.It is the site for various community activities and engagements. Downtown Colbert has been on the National Register of Historic Places for more than twenty years. Known as “the city of Red Cannas” for the blossoms that line the downtown area, Colbert welcomes visitors yearly Summer 2011 at the Heart W Story by Judy Garrison Photos by Judy Garrison The statue of Dr. Crawford Long stands in front of the county’s third courthouse to occupy this site in the center of Danielsville, the county seat. Long who was the first doctor to use ether in surgery was born here in 1815. The courthouse is currently being renovated. www.Georgia 29

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